Good Friday

IMG_20130327_221940Every time I get back home from a work trip it is a good day, but seeing as this past work trip was a particularly successful one and things have been so hectic lately, I was particularly glad to be arriving home a little early on Friday.

DSC_0293I think Jenn was pretty excited for me to get home a little early too. Pap Pap and Grammy are back up north and she was pulling full on solo parenting duty for several days. Now add potty training for Nolin, two kids just getting over being sick, a solo trip with two to Disney’s Animal Kingdom during spring break and you have a mommy who is ready for her own break.

IMG_1020To be fair, we did take a warm up trip the Sunday before I left to gauge how it may possibly be pulling off a solo Disney outing. We hit Epcot and Magic Kingdom for almost 12 hours of fun and while I have been slacking on pictures lately, this trip helped us quickly catch up.

All went well, minus the freak 45 minute 86mph hour rain storm while we were in Mexico (with our stroller and belongings still outside).

2013-03-24 14.12.23Grace went with the flow like always and Nolin was stoked when we got to ride the boat ride in Mexico four times in a row. After the fourth time, Jenn & I decided that since the rain was no longer sideways, we could make a break for it…Adios Mexico.

Well back to my trip home…

I called Jenn as I was getting ready to get on the plane. My conversation started the same way that it had for every phone call that week…

How’s everything going? Are the kids ok? Are you ok?

We’re doing alright… we’re just…oh? That’s poop…I gotta go!…Dial tone.

I looked to my co-workers, so what do you think the chances of our flight being delayed are? 

I was slightly afraid that Nolin may have taken his love of painting to a whole new level

I arrived at the house (on time) and was pretty sure I was getting ready to walk into a Lysol commercial. Instead I walked into Jenn, Nolin and Grace sitting on the floor in the living room hanging out. Nolin said Hey daddy welcome home and Grace lifted her head to look at me and immediately got a full face smile, started waving her hands up and down and kicking her legs (no words needed)…

The best welcome home ever.

Grace & Bunny










Axelle c'est une crier pour vous. Vive la France!
Axelle c’est une crier pour vous. Vive la France!

IMG_1016And in additional Ms. Grace Milestones…

During the middle of this month (St. Patrick’s Day to be exact), she began eating her first bites of food. She wasn’t 100% sure what to think about it, but she did great!


And she is making her first attempts at crawling. I think she has decided to skip the army crawl phase and just get to moving around. This is probably a good thing for her as she has a very active brother to keep up with, and probably not such a great thing for us because now things are just starting to get real.


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