Super Bowl

20140202_165345-1So by now we all know that the “Big Game” was actually more of a bust than a game and that even the Chili Peppers couldn’t pretend to plug in their instruments, but that didn’t stop of us from having an action packed weekend.

Well it started off a little slow. When I got home from work on Friday night I was exhausted. This whole getting in shape and watching what I am eating thing is for the birds. It took everything I had in me to stay up until 9:30, but I finally threw in the towel knowing Saturday would be a big day.

20140201_093814Less than 12 hours later, we were all dressed and out the door for Nolin’s very first soccer practice. One hour is a little long for 3-4 year old soccer, but for the most part it was pretty successful. I’ve never been a huge fan of soccer and I am not even sure if this league has games or just teaches skills, but Nolin definitely has some skills and this is going to be a fun way to spend Saturdays.

Immediately after Nolin’s soccer practice, Grace and I left to meet some friends for a Daddy’s Day Out at a new Farmer’s market. It was awesome, they had bounce houses, a petting zoo, tractors…everything. Grace liked the pigs and really liked the goats enough to try and feed them. As soon as a goat came over to her hand, I think she realized she wasn’t so much into feeding goats as looking at them. So then she just started dancing for them and seemed pretty cool with that.

20140201_1122021658336_10202293468212601_1346456912_oWe got home a few hours later and while Grace slept, Nolin, Jenn and I put together a ton of puzzles. Lately that has been our thing. Nolin loves them, and can easily spend over an hour totally focused on puzzles.


It was finally four o’clock which meant it was time for the big reveal…Pink or Blue?

No Nolin & Grace are not getting a brother or a sister, but they are getting a cousin. She is due in July. My brother tried to have confetti filled balloons sent to our house, so that we could pop them while everyone else found out via cupcakes. Apparently no one in a 25 mile radius of us sells confetti…not even Party City. Regardless, we were able to join the fun via Facetime.

Right as we said goodbye, I scooped Nolin up, picked up Pap Pap and we headed to the Science Center. We were taking Nolin to see his first movie in the movie theater…Planes. We made it just in time, and Nolin sat for the first 25 minutes totally mesmerized. Then we spent a little time explaining why they were no longer making popcorn, and then it was back to the movie.

Untitled-1On the way home, we may (or may not have) celebrated with a hot dog from 7-11. Our secret was revealed when I informed Jenn that he may not be that hungry when he wouldn’t eat his dinner. She simply replied 7-11? to which I smiled, but Nolin stepped up and also ate all of his dinner.

We had friends over that night, and played cards after the kids fell asleep…seriously not sure I could have packed another minute into the day.

Next day started with our morning runs. Jenn got back from her 10 mile run (like it was nothing) and then I went for my 6 mile death march. I can honestly say I hate running, but thanks to Fitbit and the fact that Jenn signed me up for a race in March, I have been doing a lot more of it.

20140201_093840Fitbit has started a “friendly” competition in our household. Since I run everyday at lunch I usually am ahead in the 7 day totals, but every once in a while Jenn catches me. I have caught her sneaking into bed later at night, after walking around the living room until she has passed me…only to wake up to “Check Your Phone”. As I pull up my phone it simply says Jenn O has taunted you

Apparently this is the new era of love letters…Fitbit taunts.

Later that day we headed over to some friend’s houses to watch the game. The game was on the projection screen in the driveway, the kids drove battery-powered cars everywhere, and there was plenty of food that I didn’t feel too bad sampling since my earlier run.

It was great to see everyone, but we headed back around the middle of the second quarter, put the kids to bed and then I put myself to bed. So again while the game wasn’t that good, the weekend was great!


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