Christmas Wrap Up (pt. 2): Dear Santa

DSC_0955So kind of like our Christmas holiday, these posts are dragging out. It is the middle of Jan., and I am only now finding the time to catch up. The only thing taking longer is our Thank You cards…written, addressed, and unstamped.

Christmas Eve started like most other Christmas Eve’s…everyone running errands, getting ready for the “Big Man’s” arrival, and for our annual Christmas Eve Party. This year though it was a little different. My mom literally slept all day and night since we were so kind to give her the funk, Santa had reduced his route this year and the party was scaled back so that Christmas morning would be about the kids instead of how much fun we could have the night before. Is this what happens when you get old?

DSC_0892It was about 5pm when there was a knock at the front door. Grace reached to be picked up, and Nolin ran to see who it was. It was Santa! We made our way to the living room and Nolin pretended to be scared, but easily jumped up on Santa’s lap and told him he wanted “toys”.

Santa is a pro and through his trusty Elf on The Shelf Lion, he knew that Nolin also wanted to a plane, helicopter and the moon (just a few small requests from a 3-year-old). As Nolin jumped down, Santa handed him a present…a fighter jet.

DSC_0921Grace, who had been patiently watching her big brother, jumped up on Santa’s lap. Absolutely mesmerized…no tears, she simply was trying to figure him out. She literally just stared at him. Even when he handed her a present…she just watched him

As Grace continued to stare, I made a comment to Nolin who had opened his new plane.

Nolin…go sit on Santa’s lap with Grace.

I figured this was the perfect picture moment. What happened next will go down in the books of Christmas lore…

DSC_0896That’s not Santa, that is just Pop pretending…and the record scratches, everyone takes a deep breath as our eyes all look at each other trying to figure out what to say. In his 52 year reign as Santa there has only been one other child who has ID’d Santa…my brother.

Sorry Hap, this picture had to make the blog somewhere.

Uncle Hap modeling Nolin’s VT football helmet and his brand new women’s small Duck Dynasty Christmas shirt…stay classy.

No worries though. There was no question as to whether Santa was real or not, it was just that this was not Santa because this was not the same Santa that has sent Nolin his videos. Either way, he moved on from it a minute later and fell right back into the moment.

DSC_0951Before Nolin went to bed, he took his note to Santa and had to make sure that we had cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. We set everything up on the counter and then it was off to bed.

Dear Santa,

I Love You! I would like a toy truck, plane and maybe the train that goes chug-a-chug-a-woo-woo. I have been nice. Travel Safe.

Your friend,

A Christmas miracle started with a slight sleep in…7am. We came downstairs and Nolin immediately screamed “Santa’s been here!”, Grace just stopped and said “Wow!”.

As we got ready for breakfast and all the presents had been opened, Nolin made his way to see if Santa had seen his note and treats.

Dear Nolin,

You are a Very Good Boy! I hope that you have a great Christmas. Enjoy your presents. I’ll see you next year!


IMG_20131226_172951Yep, Santa had indeed been here. It would turn out that the remote control helicopters were the hit present of the day. We spent hours outside flying (and mostly crashing) them. Luckily Nolin’s had a warranty on it, which was used two days later.

As we were taking the helicopter in to be replaced, Nolin picked it up, held it in his hands and said “Don’t worry helicopter, you will be OK. Daddy is going to take you and make you all better and then we will be able to play together again. You don’t need to be scared because you are going to feel all better real soon“.

And this Christmas we also learned compassion. It was a moment that I just stood back and watched.

Well we learned one other lesson too…Big World Magic. Nolin’s new show Tree Fu Tom. Everyday Nolin would walk up to the Christmas Tree, throw his hands towards the tree and say Big World Magic!

Somehow the tree would magically turn on or off (thanks Christmas tree remote control). Grace got into the action too. She would run from across the room, yell and throw her arms at the tree and belly laugh as the tree turned on.

One morning I saw Nolin standing by the tree whispering to it. I finally realized that he was trying his Big World Magic to no avail. I quickly located the “magic wand” and the tree turned on. Nolin’s shoulders sunk a bit, he let a deep breath out and turned to me.

Shoooo, I thought I’d lost it…and Big World Magic continued.

A few days after Christmas, the Big World Magic would continue as we headed back home for round 2. Jenn’s entire family would be in town throughout New Year’s, so the party would continue…





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