The Evolution Of A Family Photo

Family photoAnyone who has two kids knows it is pretty much impossible to get a great family photo of everyone. Sometimes you have to just shoot (a lot) and hope for the best. Other times you just have to take the best and call it a day.

So let’s set the scene…

Walking back to the car from a long day in the hot Florida sun (sorry for all you stuck in the snow, but it is already getting a little too hot). Both kids are close to their limit of FFF (Forced Family Fun), but still hanging in there.

And then you come across a nice tree lined street at the right time of day with good lighting, and you even have an extra person with you. So what sounds like a good idea?…Family Photo Time!!!

If Nolin doesn’t have to be in this picture too, then I’m out!

If Nolin doesn't have to be part of this picture, I'm out!

OK we finally have everyone rounded up…focus people!
Jenn: Nolin please turn around and smile nicely for the camera
Nolin: But Mommy, there is a car coming!!!
Patrick: Grace, please pull your shirt down and smile really nice for Pap-Pap!


Grace: You want a smile…I want a pretzel


Nolin: Fine don’t listen to me about the car


Nolin: OK, seriously there is a car coming
Patrick & Jenn: If you would just smile for one second we could get the picture and get out of the way of the car, but the longer you worry about the car, the more chance we have of getting hit!


Nolin: Whatever! You guys are crazy…I’m out of here!


Nolin: See I told you there was a car coming…now that that is over, I will waive my magic wand and make you all disappear.
Grace: I want to make everyone disappear!!!…give me the magic wand!


Grace: If I can’t have the wand, then I am not going to be in your picture


Nolin: Oops, looks like the only thing that disappeared was the magic wand.
Grace: Seriously…OMG!


Well we may not have gotten a picture, but at least we made everyone watching laugh!


Yeah, I am over it too…


And that’s what it is like taking a family photo these days and unfortunately I don’t foresee it getting any easier as they get older…

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