Islands In The Sun

J&PBeachMuch like Jenn pulled a fast one on me with her Girl’s Weekend, we pulled a fast one on Gammy & Pap-Pap. We were officially taking our first vacation sans little people in 4 years.

I have to give it to her, Jenn is good, she pulled two vacations in one month. For me I was just excited. Work has been so crazy and I couldn’t wait to get away for a few days even if the trip would start at 5:30am.

DSC_0527After a layover in Atlanta, we landed in St. Thomas and caught a shuttle to the ferry. Jenn was stuck in the back with the young freshly graduated DC computer developers and I was stuck up front with the Real Housewives of Jersey. Let’s just say we were both excited to get out to the ferry.

On the ferry, we met a local (from Alaska) and a very cool family who were regulars to St. John. Once we arrived, we picked up our rental car and made the short 13 mile drive (or 45 minutes) to the other side of the island and arrived in paradise.

20140427_190043_LLSWe walked into our house and were immediately taken away by the patio overlooking the edge of the world. That’s right, we were officially on vacation without kids…so now what do you do?

After unpacking and exploring we decided to make dinner and have a glass of wine and enjoy the breeze. We both looked at each other and said we can stay up as late as we want and sleep in till whenever. And we did just that

RuinsWe went to bed around 10 (really taking advantage of staying up all night), and slept in. I woke up before Jenn, so just decided to enjoy the silence and unwind on the patio to the sound of the waves crashing. About 30 minutes later Jenn woke up…Is it seriously only 6:50?

RocksWhat?! I honestly thought it must be like 9am…great job at sleeping in. Anyway, we got out the door around 9 and to the National Park to go hiking. It was an awesome hike down to the beach and then we made our way back towards where we were staying. It was almost 2 and we were starving. The plan was to go to the little lunch place that everyone raves about and then go kayaking around the island.

Vie’s wasn’t open on Sunday or Monday, so this was our only chance. We got there, parked and were starving. It was closed. Awesome.

BarAs we turned to the ocean across the street there was a bar floating in the water…no it wasn’t a mirage brought on by extreme hunger it was a miracle. Awesome.

So we swam out for one drink figuring it would be a tourist trap. It was occupied by locals and it was also like heaven. We decided to extend our visit, but one of us needed to swim back to get more money, so as I was halfway between the boat and the beach, I hear Jenn yell from the boat they say there is deli in Coral Bay.

It was only two miles away (or 15 minute drive each way), but off I went. As I got back to the beach, I suddenly realized this wouldn’t be easy to get these sandwiches to the boat while swimming. Doing my best not to drown, I finally made it to the boat to cheers from the a now larger crowd and a free drink for being the best husband ever (don’t forget that Jenn…haha).

Needless to say we never made it kayaking (that day).

KayakThe next day we slept in (until 7:10 am), went kayaking and then drove the entire island and visited all the north beaches. A totally different day, but equally as amazing. That night we once again placed a call to Grammy & Pap-Pap to see how things were going. We may have been gone, but it was too hard not to call at night to check in. Each night had been ok, but this night it sounded like Grammy & Pap-Pap would be excited that our trip was coming to an end.

We enjoyed one last night in paradise before a very long journey home. We arrived home around 10:30 and checked on the kids as they were sleeping. I realized that it may be nice to get away, but it is just as nice to get back home.

20140427_132758DSC_0426 DSC_0489DSC_0440 20140427_085504 DSC_0318 DSC_0306 DSC_0430 TreeDSC_0449DSC_0410 DSC_0465IMG_20140508_213525DSC_0373

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