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The Legend of The Kayak

So we will take a break from our regularly scheduled programming for our   Mise en abyme (story within a story) to explain the Legend of the Kayak.

Much like our camping story this story started a while back…about 5 years ago…when the transmission on my Pathfinder went out and forced us to quickly buy a new car. We settled on a brand new Kia Sorrento for our growing family. This was the first brand new car that I had ever owned, and I was excited. The only problem is after we purchased the car, they didn’t have the exact model and color that we wanted, so they were bringing it in the next day from another dealership. No big deal. Continue reading “The Legend of The Kayak”


At the beginning of last week, I received an email from Jenn “Want this for your birthday?” with a link to an 8 person tent.

The funny thing is my birthday is still several weeks away, and not that we ever do anything big for our birthdays, but a tent was not really what had been running through my mind when I went to bed at night.

This meant one thing, we were finally making good on a promise that we had made Nolin and Grace, that one day we would go camping and it would be fun. When really the only thing that we should have been promising is that one day we would go camping and in my mind that one day was still like three to four years away. Continue reading “#HappyCampers”

The Weekend Adventures of Bonnie & Clyde

2015-01-19 10.43.29 1
A couple weeks ago Jenn and Nolin took a quick trip up north to visit family and for Nolin to see snow. Grace and I on the other hand, got to hang out at home and discover what type of trouble we could get ourselves into.

It started out with Jenn pointing out various containers of fruits and vegetables and explaining to me that when we go somewhere, I should bring a certain amount of this and some of that and make sure that I don’t forget to bring something to drink.

Hmmmm, I must have missed that class. So you are supposed to feed kids? Continue reading “The Weekend Adventures of Bonnie & Clyde”

The Holiday Wrap Up (pt. 1)

2015-01-07 04.49.15 1
12 hours up, 15 and a half hours back. Two kids very tolerant of Christmas car rides. 3 cold rainy days with much to be desired behavior and 3 days of great weather and the picture perfect family. A nice time with family, getting a chance to see how much my niece has grown and an awesome Christmas. Finishing up with a much unexpected New Years Eve celebration.

That was for Jenn, who says my stories are “very detailed”, so I wrapped up the holidays in 64 words. Now for my version… Continue reading “The Holiday Wrap Up (pt. 1)”

On The (Bumpy) Road Again…(pt.1)

DSC_0715Childhood summers are magical. Although my mom is approaching senility (just kidding mom), she still fondly recalls her summers growing up in Rockport with her family. Years later she would bring my sister and I to spend some time there with our cousins, aunt and uncle and various friends she had made over her years vacationing there as a child.

DSC_0696Fortunately I think our kids will have that same magic and fond memories as they grow up. Jenn’s parent’s house (named The Bumpy Road House by Nolin last year) not to be confused with their house down the street from us (cleverly called The Smooth Road house), is like a summer wonderland for our kids. Set off a long (bumpy) road with few houses on 5 acres, it provides unlimited space for the kids to run barefoot and free. We don’t have to constantly hover over them because there is plenty of room to roam and not get into trouble. Continue reading “On The (Bumpy) Road Again…(pt.1)”

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