The Lock Out Situation

GraceDon’t let this pretty face or her kind thank you’s, pleases and I’m sorrys fool you. Behind this sweet exterior is a very smart and cunning child. We will get to that in a minute.

It was one week ago today, that I was at work on a conference call, and my cell phone rang. It was Pap-Pap. I immediately hit ignore (sorry Pap-Pap). Not because I did not want to speak with him, but I was at work, and a lot of times he is typically just looking for Jenn.

Then the phone rang again. Ignore. I was not really in a position to get into any long conversation.

A few seconds later, the phone rang again. Pap-Pap is usually pretty good at taking a hint. Heart drops a little as my mind quickly scans the hundreds of horrific things that (potentially) have just happened to someone in my family.

20140911_133356At the same time, I was still thinking that this could just be about a cool bug that he found and was sure Nolin would love…because Oh yeah the other day they stopped on the side of the road found a bug, put it in the backseat between Nolin and Grace and brought it home. That happened.

I quietly answer the phone.

Hi Patrick. Jenn & Nolin are locked out the house right now, and Grace is locked inside. They have been trying to get her to unlock the deadbolt on the door but have not been successful.

Eyes roll…silent chuckle coupled with a this could be bad feeling…deep breath out…close my laptop…quietly disappear from the conference call.

If you want me to call a locksmith I can. I simply replied I am already on my way out the door. Nothing like leaving work a few hours early.

I get home Jenn’s laughing and talking to our neighbor. Grace has her face pressed up to the window in the door. Nolin…well he is nowhere to be found.

I unlock the door…Grace comes running out and immediately goes into our neighbors house. I ask where Nolin is and Jenn replies on our neighbor’s couch.

Apparently he wanted nothing to do with the situation, so he walked over to our neighbor’s house, hopped on her couch, pulled up a blanket, started watching TV and eating her food. As he first made himself comfortable, she turned on Sponge Bob for him and he politely replied, “My parents don’t like me watching this show“. A little taken back, she laughed and turned the channel. At least we know we may not have to worry about Nolin trying to sneak things past us as he gets older.

So it turns out that our sweet, little innocent Grace decided she would be funny while they were sitting outside, and head back into the house, pull up a stool, close the door and lock the dead bolt. Only problem with her plan, she hadn’t also figured out how to undeadbolt the door.

I haven’t received a call yet today, but I guess time will tell what this weekend may have in store.

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