The Apple of My Eye

Dear Grace,

As I laid down next to you on your last night as a four-year-old, I realized just how quickly you are growing up. Each year I make a birthday video for you and Nolin, and it hit me this year that it is just as much for me, as I hope it is for you.

It gives me the chance to watch you both grow up all over again. Each picture and video takes me back to the moment when they occurred, and realize just how lucky your mom and I are to have you both in our lives.

I thought about the call we received when we would learn that God found us you, the moment we first met you in the hospital, the moment we knew your name would be Grace, and then every moment that has flashed by until the moment that I was there laying next to you as you fell asleep.

You have a unique gift that brings a little extra sunshine to every day, a smile that makes strangers feel welcome, a laugh that is contagious and a hug that can make every day a great day.

I am so excited to continue watching you grow up, and for having the opportunity to be your dad because every day I love you more and more…you’re the apple of my eye! Happy Birthday Gracie Goo!

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