This Little Light of Ours

I believe that there are individuals that are placed in our lives to bring out the best in us. Grace you are the light that brings a smile to everyone around’s face. You are funny, spunky, slightly outrageous, but more importantly, you are kind, forgiving, loving, generous, helpful, and amazing.  All things I hope to be.

You are an old soul trapped in the body of a (now) seven-year-old, and my hope for you is that you continue to grow into a person who makes life better for all those around you. We are so lucky to have you in our lives and get to experience yours with you.

While putting you to bed on your last night as a six-year-old, I asked if you felt like seven. You simply replied, “nope, I just feel like me” and that made me smile. We love you more than you will know, and I look forward to another year of adventures with you Goose.

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