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I Want To Be Young With You

Seven years ago, the world was introduced to Mr. John The Adventureman (aka Nolin). On that day, I like to believe that the days got a little brighter, the laughter got a little louder, and everyone got a little nicer.

Nolin, if I am being honest, then I have to say, that not every day is easy, but there is not one day, that your mom and I don’t go to bed in complete amazement and pride at something you have done that day. You make us laugh, and you make us smile. Continue reading “I Want To Be Young With You”

Man Date

As you get older, there is rite of passage that I feel most parents have to go through. That moment when your kids’ friends’ parents start becoming your friends.

By default, Jenn is the one who volunteers in the kids’ school and drops and picks them up, so she has naturally become friends with the other parents. I usually just tag along for the good looks (ok, I just tag along).

Anyway, last weekend Jenn and her friend decided to change that. Continue reading “Man Date”

Tiny Dancer

_DSC7088There is a special light in all of our lives that sparked on September 23, 2012. Each year that light gets brighter.

Grace, you’re the little voice that makes sure to ask me every day how my day at work was, to make sure I give mommy a kiss before I leave, remind me to look both ways before I cross the street, and to make sure I put my dirty clothes in the laundry.

Your smile is contagious, your laugh is infectious and your dance moves are awesomely outrageous. If I do one thing right as a parent it will be to ensure that you never lose that spirit.

From the first day I held you in my arms, I’ve loved you, and on this day we celebrate you…Happy 3rd Birthday, Grace! We love you!

Salt Life

2015-09-21_01-33-25Although we live in Florida, we probably don’t go to the beach as much as we should…especially since our kids love it. But over the past few weeks, we had two great beach weekends.

The first was a weekend at Cape Canaveral the second was a weekend in Saint Pete Beach. The two trips were a bit different.

Continue reading “Salt Life”


2015-06-05 10.49.53 1
1,825 days of new adventures, some sleepless nights, but ultimately unforgettable life changing moments.

We celebrated Nolin’s 5th birthday a few days early. After acquiring some points from work travel, we stayed at a the Hilton near Disney on Sunday and then spent the following Monday using our last Disney pass from my parent’s Christmas present.

On Sunday, we spent over 7 hours straight at the pool which included: Continue reading “Radiate”

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