Walk This Way

There is one thing that I have realized watching both Nolin and Grace grow up together. They may not have the same birth parents, but there is definitely a strong bond between the two of them which is very exciting to experience.

Really since the beginning, Grace has adored Nolin (as well as realized she needs to be able to get out of his way if she doesn’t want to get run over). She watches his every move and laughs at everything he does.

This really doesn’t work well for us when he is doing something we don’t want him to do, because his first response is always Grace wants me to do it, she is laughing. These two will be thick as thieves.

IMG_20130820_210304We have also noticed Grace starting to mimic things that Nolin does like climbing on everything and jumping on the couch. But it all works when you see Nolin hurt himself or get upset about something and Grace immediately crawl over, give him a hug and gently pat his back to comfort him.

Yeah these two are quickly becoming best friends.

As Grace continues to become more of a “real person”, Nolin has found her intriguing and he gets very excited by every new word she says and milestone she accomplishes including her first steps.

About two weeks ago, Grace started taking a step or two here and there. One could argue that these were more attempts to try to catch herself as she was falling forward.

DSC_1139Quickly those steps became more and more and then she realized she could do this. The only problem is anytime we tried to capture the moment she would freeze.

She’d basically walk the equivalent of a baby mile, the camera would turn on and she would act like she had never used her legs before. With Jenn and I, she would walk a few steps. If Nolin reached out his arms and called for her she would walk half way across the room.

On accident we were finally able to capture a good walk on camera, and I would say that by Sunday, she really found her legs and realized just how fun it is to be on the move.

She is now walking clear cross the room and occasionally dancing with her big brother…yep, we have a walker!


Leader of the band?
Leader of the band?


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