Back To School

IMG_20130828_121024Last week was Nolin’s first week back to school.  As he moves to three days a week, we found out that a lot of his former classmates would not be moving with him. Some only stayed at two days a week and a couple ended up in the other class.

So besides one other classmate Claire, he has a chance to meet a whole new set of friends. In coming to this conclusion/acceptance I realized that school can also quickly become a completely overblown obsession for parents.

First I was a little disappointed that Nolin wouldn’t have some of his good friends in his class this year. Jenn quickly reminded me that he is three and he would see them on the playground. To be honest, I was also a little worried about his teacher.

Nolin-Backpack-BellyIt had nothing to do with her ability to be a good teacher. In fact I didn’t even have a  reference point to accurately make this type of assumption.

Let’s just say it started when Jenn got the phone call from his new teacher about the parent/teacher night…she immediately busted out laughing.


Last year, I had an unfortunately embarrassing parenting moment in which hypothetically I may or may not have accidentally dropped both Nolin and Grace off for school and walked out of the classroom before immediately turning around to pick up Grace. Don’t worry, I didn’t even get outside the building. There was one parent in the classroom who waited to see how long it would be until I came back…yep she’s Nolin’s teacher this year.

Nolin-Backpack-SmileNeedless to say I was a little embarrassed to bring Nolin to meet the teacher day. I could only imagine that she would be keeping an eye on me the entire time to ensure that I didn’t make any mistakes. Long story short, she is great, very excited about getting into teaching and I’m an idiot.

Nolin’s class this year is made up of 10 kids with two sets of twins. The twins are really the book ends as one set just turned 3 the week before school started and the other set I believe are turning 4 this week. There is a big difference in development at that age, so I can’t imagine actually trying to teach them.

IMG_3500Not wanting to be outdone, Nolin and Claire (who has since become Nolin’s best friend) dressed up like twins for the first day of school. Not on purpose, but it was still pretty funny.

Like any parent, we were definitely nervous that Nolin would have some issues readjusting to school and behaving properly. So when Jenn went to pick Nolin up, she heard the teacher telling another parent about a little incident between one of the boys and one of the girls and she got nervous. Nope, it wasn’t Nolin.

What a relief, we didn’t send any extra kids to school and the one who did go to school didn’t cause any trouble.

She said Nolin had a great day and that his only issue was at lunch when he decided it would be more fun to sing and entertain the other boys with his one man show than eat lunch. We said something to Nolin that night and it has since no longer been a problem. That is the great thing about three years old, he is actually starting to get it.

Each day has gotten better, and Nolin is enjoying school. He even has met up with his friends from last year on the playground and after school and invited them over for play dates.

So I guess this starts another school year and even more opportunities to be amazed as we watch our children grow up and also learn a little about growing up ourselves.


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