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Standing on Six Legs: 1,987 Miles

Untitled While I was at home catching up on work and house projects, Jenn was putting another 1,987 miles on the car (not including all the excursions they took when they were visiting places).

Leg 1: New Hampshire continued:
Grammy & Pap-Pap met up with them in New Hampshire right after I left, and during this time they got to spend a lot of time hiking and playing in creeks. The kids were in their glory. They got to do many of the things that we missed out on while I was there and overall had a great second week in New Hampshire. Continue reading “Standing on Six Legs: 1,987 Miles”

3,391: Heading Home

IMG_20160710_170229 There were too many pictures from Acadia, and since we were now wrapping up my leg of the trip, I saved some of those pictures for this post.

We made it back to New Hampshire in our home from the previous night. At this point all of us were excited to get out of the car (aka last night’s hotel) because we felt dirty and tired. The next morning, we emptied the car and pulled all of the dirty clothes out.

As my final act to ensure that Jenn & the kids were set up to enjoy their next three weeks without me, I found a laundry mat and a car vacuum and set out to clean. Continue reading “3,391: Heading Home”

3,391: A Car In The Woods

20160707_163649 It’s the early hours of the morning as mist is slowly rising from the ground mixed with the last remnantsĀ of smoke from smoldering camp fires. All is quiet, except for the noise of a few animals. Most of the campers happily fell asleep the night before, never paying attention to the abandoned car parked in site 35. It seems that after parking their car, the inhabitants never returned to set up a tent.

Most of the sleeping campers probably never even paid attention. Never-the-less if they had, no one would have everĀ imagined the horrors that the family from site 35 were experiencing right at that very moment…

Let’s step back approximately 20 hours to the events leading up to the horror of site 35. Continue reading “3,391: A Car In The Woods”

3,391: Can You Hear Me Now?

20160706_105715 We made it to New Hampshire in the early evening and were excited to be able to unpack the car, reorganize our lives and get settled in.

After we got the car unpacked, Jenn asked if I could go to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Sure, not a problem at all…but there were a few problems. Continue reading “3,391: Can You Hear Me Now?”

3,391: Reliving Rockport

We all grow up way too quickly…and then life happens. Many of the moments we each took for granted growing up eventually fade into stories and distant memories. That is part of the reason, I still continue this blog…in hopes that one day all of our adventures as a family will not become some slightly exaggerated version of events, or worse…completely forgotten.

My mom’s childhood was shaped by the summers her family spent in Rockport. For her, it was the magic that childhoods are made of. The brief time before…life happened. Continue reading “3,391: Reliving Rockport”

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