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“The Talk”

IMG_3309As a parent there will be several talks that I am sure you need to prepare for as your child gets older. As an adoptive parent there is another talk that we have always planned to have with our children.

We are a transracial family, so there is really not an opportunity nor did we ever plan to not discuss adoption with our children. It is also part of the reason that while others close to us have found it intimidating, we have found our open adoptions comforting. Continue reading ““The Talk””

Is This Live?

IMG_20130312_230802So once again, I am late to the party. In the midst of contractors, realtors, renters, work and kids we found a little bit of time to help put together the 4th Annual Adoption Picnic. But I have found it difficult to find the time to actually write about what an awesome experience it was.

When Jenn and I were going through the Adoption Classes (seems like a lifetime ago), I remember thinking how cool would it be if they asked us to come back and maybe speak to a future class. When they first asked, I was beyond excited, so needless to say I am thrilled anytime that we can potentially help and share our stories.
Continue reading “Is This Live?”

Chapter 2: Happy Flu Year!

2012-12-29 15.18.30 According to the news this flu season has been the worst in 10 years, and as we prepared to ring in the New Year, one by one we all fell victim.

It started with Jenn’s brother from Ireland. What we thought may be a case of jet lag turned into jet funk. Then Jenn’s dad came down with the sickness and sidelined himself to bed for an entire day (for those of you know Jenn’s dad, it takes less to move mountains than put him in bed for a day). Then he felt better, then sick again, then a little better and a little worse until he finally kicked it.

Next came Jenn & Nolin kind of in tandem. Jenn definitely got it worse but I walked in one day to find both of them lying on opposite ends of the couch under a blanket. In a weak but positive voice Nolin tried to quote Dora lines. For those of you who know Nolin, it also takes less to move mountains than getting him to sit on a couch for longer than 2 minutes. Continue reading “Chapter 2: Happy Flu Year!”

Beauty and Grace

Every story has a beginning and up until now, I really haven’t had the opportunity to properly tell Grace’s story. It is truly a story of beauty and grace and one I feel very fortunate to be a part of.

Grace was born on September 23, and shortly after she entered this world, her birth mother made what I imagine to be one of the most difficult yet courageous decisions a parent could make. She chose adoption. Continue reading “Beauty and Grace”

From Zone to Man-to-Man

I am absolutely loving our new family, but I have noticed one thing…there is absolutely no down time with two kids. That is the reason that so much has happened and I have yet to even write about it.

Basically since my last post, we have had two nights that Grace actually slept for over 5.5 hours, and several other good nights sleep sprinkled in with a few not so great nights. Continue reading “From Zone to Man-to-Man”

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