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The Marathon(s)

3:27:05 / 9119 / 1933 / 1561 / 7:53

No, it’s not the mysterious numbers from a new Lost spinoff. This is Jenn’s Boston Marathon Finish Time, Overall Rank, Overall Female Rank, Division Rank and pace per mile. She paced almost 30 seconds per mile faster than her qualifying time and had a PR of over 10 minutes.

Not to take anything away from this amazing accomplishment, but I kind of had a marathon of my own going at the same time. Before we get into our marathons, I’ll treat you all to the DVR version of the blog so that you can catch up on everything you missed between my last post in 90 seconds. Continue reading “The Marathon(s)”

The Reasoning

At two years old there are a few mainstays that can really grab Nolin’s attention:

  • Pacifiers (don’t judge, we are still working on this one)
  • Train Tracks (well really just trains, but he is always asking if you wanna play train tracks?)
  • Caillou, Dinosaur Train, Videos about Trains, and Videos about Orca Whales,   Dolphins, Sharks, Sting Rays or Beluga Whales.
  • The Zoo and Sea World

The best part about these attention grabbers is their importance as we have entered a phase that I like to call The Reasoning. Continue reading “The Reasoning”

Week Zero

It has been almost two years to the day since Nolin and I experienced Day Zero. It was the day that the man Nolin becomes would  largely be shaped on the 8 hours that we spent in our first full father/son day. Now flash forward 720 days and add 70 more  hours of influential exposure and you have what I like to call Week Zero.

The sequel to my first solo parenting outing created the opportunity to be even more terrifying than the zombie apocalyptic thriller sequel 28 Weeks Later. Before they left, I think that Jenn and Grammy would have been more comfortable knowing that zombies were taking over than leaving Nolin completely in my care for four days.

In order to prevent a two-year old apocalypse, I was left with the following supplies and rules: Continue reading “Week Zero”

Thanksgiving Blessings

Amid Black Friday sales and stampedes happened to fall a little known holiday called Thanksgiving.  At the core of the celebration is the idea that individuals should take a step back (and maybe not spend a week camped out in front of a store for a $200 TV) to spend time with their family and reflect on the things that they are thankful for.

I can easily say that there is no way that I can do justice for all of the many gifts that I am thankful for, but in keeping with the season, I tried to wrap it all up into 3 main blessings: Continue reading “Thanksgiving Blessings”

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