The Reasoning

At two years old there are a few mainstays that can really grab Nolin’s attention:

  • Pacifiers (don’t judge, we are still working on this one)
  • Train Tracks (well really just trains, but he is always asking if you wanna play train tracks?)
  • Caillou, Dinosaur Train, Videos about Trains, and Videos about Orca Whales,   Dolphins, Sharks, Sting Rays or Beluga Whales.
  • The Zoo and Sea World

The best part about these attention grabbers is their importance as we have entered a phase that I like to call The Reasoning.

I think it may be a secret weapon that is somehow passed down from parent to parent over generations. You may not know that you have been given the power or exactly when/how to use it, but when you figure it out…it is relentless, it is ruthless and it is awesome!

We are in the middle of the terrible twos, but Jenn & I agree that they aren’t that terrible. Sure Nolin is finding his independence I do not want to go to bed Mommy or No I do not want to take a bath I want to play train tracks and there is the occasional temper tantrum, but these tend to generate nothing more than a half-hearted pout and a squished face.

I account these successes to our recent understanding and use of The Reasoning.

If Nolin decides he doesn’t want to eat his dinner…fine. We simply say You don’t have to eat your dinner, but if you want to watch Caillou then you need to eat your broccoli? Nolin will look at you for a second, give a brief nod or an o.k., and then chomp away at a few stems of broccoli. (On a side note: Jenn tries the same trick on me with mixed results)

I know! It almost doesn’t seem fair…he doesn’t stand a chance against our new-found super power.

Yesterday we were able to use the zoo and the snakes. Today it was Sea World and his train tracks. I am afraid that now that it has been spoken about that the terrible twos may prevail and we will lose this amazing power. But I tell you it so much easier now as he thinks he is actually making the choices.

Bed time is still our training ground. With his toddler bed, Nolin doesn’t typically go right down, but would rather play. Lately he has been looking for us to lay in bed with him. He is still crafting his power, but occasionally Jenn & I may lose those battles.

Even more, I am looking forward to the day that I can say Nolin if you would like to mow the lawn and clean the house for mom and dad, then you will have to eat all your brussels sprouts. This will be the test to see if we have truly mastered The Reasoning.

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