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Terrible Twos

The Reasoning

At two years old there are a few mainstays that can really grab Nolin’s attention:

  • Pacifiers (don’t judge, we are still working on this one)
  • Train Tracks (well really just trains, but he is always asking if you wanna play train tracks?)
  • Caillou, Dinosaur Train, Videos about Trains, and Videos about Orca Whales,   Dolphins, Sharks, Sting Rays or Beluga Whales.
  • The Zoo and Sea World

The best part about these attention grabbers is their importance as we have entered a phase that I like to call The Reasoning. Continue reading “The Reasoning”

Oh My What Have I Done?

There are some videos that your 20 month old child should never see…I mean never.

But we’ll get into that more later.

After a cross-country flight with a high school cheerleading team, the University of Texas women’s golf team, and a Sherwin Williams convention, I was glad to meet up with Jenn at the airport.  Even though it had only been two days, I couldn’t wait to get home and see Nolin.  I was also very excited to give him the toy that I had picked up for him. Continue reading “Oh My What Have I Done?”

Terrible Twos…Meet Mr. Personality

The curtains opened as a 7th grader from Jenn’s school stepped out and began singing a slow song.  Nolin took a few steps forward and looked back at us as if to say “catch me if you can“.  I was in auto pilot mode as I took a step forward to try and cut him of at the pass.  Then the volume increased as the kick drum came in and the middle schooler started singing “make the world your dance floor“.

And Nolin did. Continue reading “Terrible Twos…Meet Mr. Personality”

Chapter 5: 550 Days of Happiness

Nolin and Benson

18 months…550 Days?! I can’t even grasp where the time has gone?

I figured with how quickly Nolin is growing up, it was a good time to start a new chapter in our story because I have a feeling (or a slight warning from his pediatrician) that things are just getting ready to become interesting.

Continue reading “Chapter 5: 550 Days of Happiness”

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