Terrible Twos…Meet Mr. Personality

The curtains opened as a 7th grader from Jenn’s school stepped out and began singing a slow song.  Nolin took a few steps forward and looked back at us as if to say “catch me if you can“.  I was in auto pilot mode as I took a step forward to try and cut him of at the pass.  Then the volume increased as the kick drum came in and the middle schooler started singing “make the world your dance floor“.

And Nolin did.

With a big smile on his face, he began displaying his moves like Jagger.  Well unfortunately it more closely resembled his moves like daddy, which obviously made everyone laugh.  Nolin bounced up and down as he waved his hands in the air, and if not the world, he at least made the gymnasium his dance floor and his stage.

Nolin is Mr. Personality, and each day it seems to manifest a little more.  It’s not just singing and dancing, it is the conversations that he pulls out of nowhere that really catch you off guard.  It becomes difficult to remember sometimes that he is only 20 months old.

Each day that goes by though, we keep inching closer to the terrible twos.  Its funny though, because I now seem to hear from all my friends, that the twos are not so bad, and it is year three when the fun begins. Awesome…I guess the term terrible three’s just isn’t quite as marketable.

In the last week or so, Nolin has started his new favorite past time….hitting.  It’s as if he gets so excited that he just can control himself.  His hitting (so far at least) has never appeared to be out of anger, but it is totally for attention.  Funny thing is, as soon as he hits Jenn or I, he realizes that he has done something wrong and immediately asks to give you a hug and a kiss.

Seriously?! You can’t help but laugh, and again that doesn’t help the situation at all.

On the way home from the talent show, it was Nolin and I in the car.  He had his sippy cup in one hand and was trying to get a book below him on the car seat.  A little frustrated with his inability to read 10 little ladybugs, he threw the sippy cup on the floor.

Well this didn’t work for two reasons.  First, he knows he shouldn’t throw things (or at least we tell ourselves that he should know better, but again he is only 20 months old).  Second, now not only is 10 little ladybugs out of his reach, but so is the sippy cup.  (side note:  Nolin it will be well after your teenage years until you fully appreciate the fact that always trying to prove a point doesn’t always get you what you want).  It was at this moment that he apparently decided that I should be taught a lesson.

As I am watching this all unfold in the review mirror he looks me in the eye and says “Daddy, do not hit, that is unacceptable“.  He paused at each syllable in unacceptable for dramatic effect of course.  A slight smile came across my face upon being reprimanded by my 20-month old son (for something that he did) and I simply responded, “but I am not the one without the sippy cup”.  A slight hint of satisfaction filled my voice as I proved that father knows best.  He apparently also found the humor in the situation and he laughed as well.

We may be starting to enter the terrible twos, but at least for now, they are not so bad.

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