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Family-picI started this blog in order to document all the new experiences , learnings and blunders that I would encounter jumping head first into parenthood along with Jenn. It would also serve as an awesome opportunity to share these memories with our children when they are older.

After four years and two children I have found that there is a fine line between documenting my life with my family and actually living it. Hence we have been back from our big road trip for almost a month, and I have yet to catch up. So I am going to try with a quick update or what I am calling a quickdate, which I am hoping doesn’t become a regular occurrence. Continue reading “Quickdate”

Just Breathe

It has been a long and exhausting last few weeks and I think that I am finally beginning to recover.

After being home for a few days we all boarded the Southwest Flight back to Norfolk for Nana’s funeral. It was an awesome celebration of a life that was very well lived. She would have been proud to see the fuss that was made over her. After all, she did enjoy being the center of attention. Continue reading “Just Breathe”

We All Fall Down

Last week had the potential to be disastrous.  With family in town and plenty of excitement, I think Nolin only took one nap in four days for about an hour.  Not our finest parenting moment and believe me we made up for it during the nights.

This all led up to Nolin and I’s trip back to Virginia Beach.  I was going for work and Nolin was going to spend some time with Ba & Pop.  They had never babysat for a full day much less three full days before.  With Nolin’s lack of sleep in the days leading up to our trip and me once again changing any semblance of a routine that he had I was nervous.

I told my mom, I was sorry for what I may be unleashing on her.  This didn’t help calm her nerves at all.  For the past six weeks, her excitement to see Nolin was incredibly overshadowed by the fear of messing up.  I told her that she had raised three kids of her own and at least one of them had turned out alright, but she informed me that this was different, Nolin is special.  Hmmm is that a compliment?

Continue reading “We All Fall Down”

Labor Day

We boarded yet another plane and prepared to head home to visit my family.  Nolin seemed to already be enjoying his time at the airport, as he greeted everyone we passed.  Once we were on the plane I tried my famous move where Jenn sits by the window, I sit in the aisle seat and we proudly display Nolin in the middle seat to ward off any would be travel companions.

Apparently I am not the first person to invent this trick, and the flight attendant knew what was up.  I tried to bounce Nolin around, so that he would look like a handful and then the announcement came over the intercom, This is a completely full flight, so please make sure you leave room for passengers still getting on the plane.

Slightly defeated I slid over to the middle seat, but secretly hoped we would be afforded a little extra room on the flight.  Then a lady nicely explained that she would sit by us because she has a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old, so she knew how rough flying can be.  Well Nolin loves to fly so I was pretty sure she was in luck, but upon hearing the news of younger children, Jenn all of a sudden felt the need to come clean.

He typically doesn’t use a bottle, we just wanted to make the flight easyContinue reading “Labor Day”

Heading Home

It is strange to think that it has been around six months since my family has seen Nolin.  Usually six months wouldn’t seem like so long, but the last time they saw Nolin, he wasn’t walking or even really talking yet.  They are in for a treat because it is a whole new ballgame now.

I think that they will be surprised to see just how much Nolin is now able to communicate and interact with everyone.  He has even started talking on the phone (which could spell trouble for the future).  On Wednesday, he took the phone from Teresa and started singing with Jenn and telling her that he loved her (actually saying “I You”).  Let’s just hope that she is the only girl he says that to on the phone…not ready to have those conversations any time soon. Continue reading “Heading Home”

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