Heading Home

It is strange to think that it has been around six months since my family has seen Nolin.  Usually six months wouldn’t seem like so long, but the last time they saw Nolin, he wasn’t walking or even really talking yet.  They are in for a treat because it is a whole new ballgame now.

I think that they will be surprised to see just how much Nolin is now able to communicate and interact with everyone.  He has even started talking on the phone (which could spell trouble for the future).  On Wednesday, he took the phone from Teresa and started singing with Jenn and telling her that he loved her (actually saying “I You”).  Let’s just hope that she is the only girl he says that to on the phone…not ready to have those conversations any time soon.

I know that this long weekend will be over before we know it, but I am very excited just to see everyone again, and spend some time out on the back deck.  We will get in town on Friday, and Nolin will get to go to his second baseball game.  I have a feeling that this time he will remember the experience a lot more than last time.

I think we will also hit the Marine Science Center which may or may not send Nolin into an absolute frenzy.  Afterall, Fish is his favorite “F” word (thankfully duck is now pronounced duck so there is not as much competition).  We have been able to take Nolin to the zoo several times, but he has never been to an aquarium, so it should be fun.

This weekend we will also take time to celebrate my father and uncle’s birthdays as well as my first god-daughter Oryn’s 1st birthday.  These parties are always great because it makes it so much easier to catch up with a lot of people at one time. That is always the hardest part of heading home for a short period of time…it is a whirlwind and there is simply no way to get it all in, but we will try.

So watch out Virginia Beach because here we come!

Nolin going through the alphabet:

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