Family-picI started this blog in order to document all the new experiences , learnings and blunders that I would encounter jumping head first into parenthood along with Jenn. It would also serve as an awesome opportunity to share these memories with our children when they are older.

After four years and two children I have found that there is a fine line between documenting my life with my family and actually living it. Hence we have been back from our big road trip for almost a month, and I have yet to catch up. So I am going to try with a quick update or what I am calling a quickdate, which I am hoping doesn’t become a regular occurrence.

SleepAfter 3 weeks away, I flew to PA eager to see Jenn and the kids. They arrived about 15 minutes after my flight landed. I ran up to the car ready to have two kids jump into my arms. Instead they were both asleep…awesome.

GardensWe made it to Virginia Beach in the early morning about 8 hours later. Can I just say that our kids may be the best road warriors around. That week was filled with trips to the Botanical Gardens, but more importantly the splash park at the Gardens, the Zoo and most importantly time with family including the newest addition, Ms. Waverly Jae. Nolin & Grace were excited to meet their new cousin.

WaverlyIt was a short week, and a long drive home (about 13 hours), in case I didn’t mention, our kids are road warriors.



Luckily, we did at least have a few days once we got back before Nolin started school. This at least gave him time to settle back into a little more structure before he started Pre-K. The days between vacation and school were pretty quite, but spent just catching up and spending time together and being amazed at the latest development in our family.

Grace-swingAt some point over the summer, it all came together for Grace, she is now able to communicate anything she wants. Including, Mommy pee now. I think she’ll be potty trained before she turns two. Her new found love for language means we have two kids fighting for air space…heaven help us.

Mrs.-hillThe day before school started, we took Nolin to meet his new teacher. Grace unfortunately missed the cut off by a couple of days, but she walked into that classroom and seemed more prepared than most of the 4 year olds (including her brother). Anyway, Nolin has a great teacher and his teacher from last year’s daughter is in his class which means that she will be the mommy helper occasionally which he is excited about.

So we’re back to school and back to life and in 462 words I am back up to date…

bench butterfly kids-gardenSplash-ParkSplashpark-twoTiger TurtlePop-&-Nolin KidsPenguine

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  1. Over these past few years … Your photos and life-story has brought me hours of joy, laughter and heart-felt tears! You all are amazing!

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