The Arrival

Two hours after my first post, I was going about my work day when all of the sudden my cell phone started ringing…I froze for a second when I realized I did not know the number on the screen.  When I picked it up, it was our adoption counselor who let me know that our birth mother had gone to the hospital at 3am and that we may want to start making our way to the hospital.  This is the moment that you need to have screenwriters writing your life because all I said is “That is so cool…can I call you right back?” 

What?!  Is that seriously the best I could come  up with?  They always sound so much cooler on TV.  So I called Jenn at work, I called her cell phone and of course I couldn’t get in touch with her.  So I called her main office and got the secretary on the phone.  I was greeted with “do you have good news?”  And then a loud scream and “Jennfer (no that is not a misspelling, she pronounces Jenn’s name with out the i) get on the phone!”

I picked Jenn up from work, and we had one of the most surreal days of our lives.  Baby To Be Named Later was born at 1:30 yesterday afternoon with one push.  He came into this world at 5lbs 15oz with a full head of black hair and perfect…so he truly is our little guy.

We got to head up to the hospital room at 4:00, and I will admit that there is no amount of classes, reading, or counseling that you can do that will prepare you for that moment… 

Every adoption story is different, but I have to say that ours has been perfect.  The hospital does not have a nursery, so the baby stays in the room with the mother…and so did we.  We stayed with B2BNL and the birth mother for 6.5 hours.  We got to hold him, feed him, change him (I left that one to Jenn for the first round) and bond…all four of us.

Jenn & I had talked about how we wanted an open adoption, but I guess I always thought that it may be a little wierd.  What if you didn’t really get along with your birth mother? Or what if you always felt this guilt when you saw her?  In our case, our birth mother has enough strength for all of us because she has made everything so easy and comfortable.  She truly is a blessing.

It is nice knowing that while our new family may not be traditional, this child will be surrounded with people who love and adore him.

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