The Blessing

Today was another great day! We went back to the hospital where we met with B2BNL’s birth mother, the adoption counselor and a priest to conduct a blessing over all four of us as we move forward on this journey. It was just one more moment that has made this experience amazing and one I am thankful for.

Now another experience that I won’t be as thankful for…diaper changing. So today when we got to the hospital it was time to change the diaper. Since I had so graciously backed out yesterday, today I got called up to the big leagues and it wasn’t pretty. Yesterday Jenn got a wet diaper…today I got one that looked like the BP oil spill. Luckily this ended with a lot less damage.

We ended up spending 8 hours at the hospital with the birth mother and the baby today and I can’t explain how grateful we are for that. It has really given all four of us a unique opportunity to bond. I realize that this isn’t your typical adoption story, but I guess we all take a different road to get to the same place and so far, ours has left many stories to tell…

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