I’ve decided to start this blog because in the next second, minute, hour or what seems like it may be a year from now my life may drastically be changing. With my fingers crossed and my stomach in knots, I am hoping to become a father by the time I finish this post. Well maybe not by the time I finish this post, but in the very immediate future because my wife and I have chosen to adopt a child. 

Baby to be Named Later (sorry to my family if you read this before hand I am not giving away the name) is due tomorrow May 22!  While there is a very real possibility that circumstances may change and the adoption may not go through, we are remaining hopeful and praying for a healthy boy. 

Its been a long journey to this point and I know that the adventures are just starting to begin, so I want to be able to document everything that happens along the way in hopes that I can always remember how our story actually began (my wife will tell you that I tend to embellish my stories)…
Jenn & I have been married almost five years and we have not, not been trying to have children for almost just as long. Don’t worry though; this isn’t one of those stories where the couple goes crazy trying to figure out why it’s not happening for them. Although I will say it really upsets me that they have you convinced as a teenager that if you get too close to a girl she could get pregnant…guess what it’s a little more involved than that. 

I hate to admit that although I have always very much wanted to start a family and be a father, I also am very thankful that Jenn & I had the chance to grow up and grow together. These first five years of marriage have been amazing and have allowed us to come and go as we please, discover new things, define ourselves and get a much better understanding of what we enjoy.  I think this has all been in preparation to become parents who can teach their children about life. 

In our journey to starting a traditional family, we have opened our doors to a cast of characters (whom I will detail more later), that have all led us to the point we are at now…me sitting here on my computer, trying to work, but instead typing this post as I anxiously wait for the phone to ring with good news…