1. Bassinet that transforms into a super cool travel play pen…check
  2. Car seat properly balanced and installed (you would think they would make safety much easier than the epic struggle between man, car and plastic that I just endured)…check
  3. Stroller with parental drink tray…check
  4. 252 pack of diapers to get us through the first week or two based on his recent blowouts…check
  5. 600 Baby Wipes to last just about as long…check
  6. Formula and sterilized Tommee Tippee bottle system for babies who may be picky eaters (seriously I think our parents had it easier.  There was one type of bottle, everyone used it and if you didn’t like…well eventually you’d get hungry and like it)…check
  7. Coordinated newborn outfit and receiving blanket (yep buddy one thing you’ll learn is that while your mom wont say anything about the clothes you pick out, you’ll probably get a few slightly frightened OMG and you think that looks good because? looks from her in your lifetime.  So for my first bit of fatherly advice…It’s usually better just to go back to the closet and change because 9 times out of 10 she’s right)…check

We’re just waiting for the call to let us know when B2BNL’s birth mother will be getting discharged from the hospital and we can sign the papers and bring him home.  I am not sure how to accurately describe the full range of emotions that will encompass today…while we couldn’t be any more excited to start this next chapter in our journey this day will also be bitter-sweet.

I can’t wait for everyone to finally meet him because you all will love him just as much as Jenn & I do!