Nolin & Pancake chillin out

So today was a big day in the life of a new parent and even more importantly for an adoptive parent.  Today was Nolin’s first Doctor’s appointment.

Nolin was so excited that he just couldn’t hide it…literally.  Jenn took him with a nurse to get his weight (which was 5lbs. 10oz.) and he gave them an extra treat.  Thankfully I was still working on filling out paperwork, so I was excused from diaper duty.  

After his checkup, the doctor exclaimed that Nolin was perfect (we tended to agree)!  Although I am going back to work tomorrow, I will have to leave a little early in order to make tomorrow’s appointment for The Cut (sorry buddy). 

It will be hard to go back to work tomorrow, not just because of the sleep deprivation, but because I really enjoyed being able to just chill with Nolin.  

We let Jenn sleep in this morning and the two of us caught up on Lost (we only have the season finale left), and I knew he liked it because he gave me that look that said, “I wish I had been around 6 years ago because I could have really dug this show, and I probably would have had a better idea of what is going on“, or maybe it was just gas, but either way it was a great moment.