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I have to imagine that there is a similarity between adoptive parents and biological parents where you have a pretty good idea what you are getting into before you bring a child home and at the same time you have no freakin clue. Somewhere in between those two bookends though is where the magic happens and memories are created.

While this story is more recent and not how our year began, I am jumping ahead a little bit because it makes more sense in the moment (that is the problem with being perpetually slow on completing blog entries). Continue reading “Hair”

Button Brothers

DSC_0091As our kids get older, the conversations will get a little more difficult. Most likely starting with the observation that we don’t really look a like?

To be honest we have not really gone full speed ahead in addressing these issues at this time, but we have not ignored them. Grace obviously would not get it at all at this point. Nolin occasionally asks questions, but can’t fully wrap his head around it, and then usually moves on to something way more interesting like black holes or his animal friends. Continue reading “Button Brothers”

“The Talk”

IMG_3309As a parent there will be several talks that I am sure you need to prepare for as your child gets older. As an adoptive parent there is another talk that we have always planned to have with our children.

We are a transracial family, so there is really not an opportunity nor did we ever plan to not discuss adoption with our children. It is also part of the reason that while others close to us have found it intimidating, we have found our open adoptions comforting. Continue reading ““The Talk””

The Best Week Ever (pt.1): Homecoming

DSC_0941We pulled up to the airport and I said goodbye to my sister and parents as they made their way back to Virginia. For some, I guess, this could have actually been the start to the best week ever, but it was actually the ending to a few very action packed and memorable weeks for me.

So although this is slightly out-of-order, we are going to go back before Nolin’s birthday to a Homecoming of sorts. It was Grace’s first flight and my first attempt at flying solo with two kids. The adventure didn’t disappoint. Continue reading “The Best Week Ever (pt.1): Homecoming”

All I Want For Christmas…Is You!

dsc_3757-3Christmas is going to be fun this year. It will be Grace’s very first Christmas and Nolin is actually starting to understand the concept. He is not quite to the stage of knowing what (if anything) he wants, he just knows he wants Santa to bring him lots of presents. Apparently he is an equal opportunity gift receiver.

We will be staying in town this year, and Jenn’s family will be coming to celebrate the holidays with us. While I will miss our traditional Christmas traditions with my family, I am very excited to be able to wind down an amazing year with friends and family.

I have to say I think we received our Christmas present a little early this year. Grace’s adoption was finalized on Monday December 17th! Continue reading “All I Want For Christmas…Is You!”

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