All The Small Things

This past week has been fantastic and as Nolin approaches his 2nd week in this crazy world, I am already amazed at how quickly he is developing.

He’s eating like it is going out of style and consequently farts in the same manner. Tomorrow is his next doctor’s appointment and I can’t wait to find out exactly how much he has grown over the past week. 

Everyone has commented on how alert Nolin is.  I often find him following me with his eyes as I walk around him.  I think it is because he is as interested in me as I am in him.  Yes, I am pretty sure that every new parent experiences these wonders, but honestly it does blow me away.

We have been blessed because for the most part he is such an easy baby.  We are not suffering through some of the uncontrollable screams and sleepless nights that many of our friends have talked about and for the most part Nolin seems quite content.  While our sleep schedules have been slightly altered, I think we are adapting pretty well.  This is the part where with a slight grin, Jenn would say…I am adapting pretty well because I have been given a hall pass. Which is true, since I am back at work, Jenn has been amazing at getting up with him for the early morning feedings.  Regardless, I have still been setting my alarm for each feeding so that I can be ready if I get the call that it is my turn to get out of bed.  Thankfully, I am usually able to mumble a few words and roll back over to sleep, but at least I am making the effort…right?

Jenn has actually also been given a slight hall pass this week because Grandma Teresa, who pretty much adores Nolin (I may need to check her suitcase when she leaves to make sure she doesn’t take him with her), has been taking one of the early morning feedings…so again, none of us can really complain.

I have been amazed at how many gadgets and devices now go along with raising a happy baby.  Luckily we have many friends who have chartered these waters before us and have given us good advice on what is needed.  It seems like Jenn’s current favorite is the Moby Wrap.  You basically wrap yourself up like a mummy (or Hannibal Lecter) and strategically place the child somewhere amongst the chaos.  I find the whole thing pretty entertaining, but Nolin can fall right to sleep as soon as he is stuffed in this contraption and next to Jenn.  At the same time she can eat Nutella…it really is a win win for everyone! 

She told me, that I can try to wear the Moby Wrap tonight, but I think that I will just wait for the BabyBjorn…it looks a lot less complicated and lot less Angelina Jolie, al naturale…I’ve gotta save a little bit of my manhood.

There are so many small things that go into making (and for the parents’ sake keeping) a baby happy that it could drive you mad trying to figure it all out.  In the end though, I am pretty sure we all figure it out for ourselves at some point and realize that it is this one small thing that makes us happy.

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