Welcome to Nolin’s Crib

Nolin's Crib

Today was a big day…we started getting Nolin’s room ready.  As adoptive parents, one of the things they tell you that you should not do, is get a nursery ready before you bring the child home because of the chance that the adoption does not go through.  So here it is almost 5 weeks later, and Nolin’s crib and dresser were delivered today.

Jenn and I have lived the less is more lifestyle pretty successfully, but now that Axelle has moved back to France, we felt like it may actually be time to start getting Nolin’s bachelor pad ready.

They came today at lunch and delivered Nolin’s crib and dresser, and set everything up for us.  After he finished he walked Jenn and I through how to operate the crib…yes you need instructions now because this is truly functional furniture.  While we were busy trying to make sure we knew what we were doing, Pancake was walking around and underneath the crib to ensure that the delivery man knew what he was doing.  Once he felt satisfied that the crib was put together to his satisfaction, he made his way out and gave Jenn and I the look to say I approve.

Cribs today aren’t the ones I remember from being a kid, these are high-tech sleeping devices.  This crib transforms from a crib, to a toddler bed, to a day bed, to a full size bed.  Nolin I hope you still think your parents have good taste when you are 18 because this is called a Crib 4 Life and that is exactly what it is…so enjoy.

Once we get back from our trip, we will finish decorating his room, but I don’t know that we have any major plans to move too quickly because he will probably still be sleeping in our room for a while longer…my fear is that when we do finally move him into his room, I will end up a lot like this dad

Well its pretty crazy to think that Nolin is almost old enough to have real big boy furniture and move into his own room…pretty soon he’ll be dating, driving cars, going to college, getting married and I’ll be wondering where the time went.  But for now, Welcome to Nolin’s Crib.

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