The Difference Between Mothers and Fathers pt. 2

As I mentioned a few months ago this would be a topic that I am sure comes up a lot in our lives as there is an inherent difference between a mother and a father.

This morning I was getting Nolin ready for church and Jenn asked me to get his blue sweater outfit for him to wear.  Sure, no problem.

I also proceeded to find a coordinating blue onesie to match…now that is fashion forward thinking for a dad I told myself.  With a slight pat on the back, Nolin and I headed downstairs, got in the car and made our way to church.

It then became Jenn’s job throughout the entire service to try and keep Nolin’s sweater buttoned.  Apparently she didn’t really think that a onesie stating “WOW the ladies keep checking me out” was very appropriate for Sunday mass.

What Jenn failed to realize is that they say church is a great place for singles to meet.  Nolin, you are lucky you have me becuase I guess I am just a little more fashion forward than your mom.

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