A Year Full of Pancake

Today marks one year since Pancake became a part of our family.  It is crazy to think exactly how far we have come since that time.  We were just finishing up our adoption classes that would bring Nolin into our lives and we were about halfway through our year with Axelle.

It was cold and raining that night when I left work.  I stopped by Target to pick up some dog treats and toys on my way home.  I remember walking into the house expecting to see a dog that look liked Fergie the English Springer Spaniel that I grew up with, instead I found a little lap dog with a smashed face that looked like he had been through a carwash.  He got down off of the couch and started hoping around on his 3 good legs and you couldn’t help but think he was pretty cool.

We put up signs around Jenn’s school and only ever received one call but it was for a different dog.  I often wonder if Pancake’s owners are out there wondering what happened to him and if they would laugh at some of the adventures that we have had.  He is still a crotchety old man who loves Jenn and Nolin and secretly loves Teresa and I when no one is looking (he has a reputation to maintain after all).  For whatever reason he loves to get frisky with new houseguests that come over…it is sort of his signature handshake.  And he loves to run, not to get away, but just really to get you to chase after him.

While he isn’t exactly the dog I had envisioned when I thought about owning a dog, he has definitely found his place in our family.  We are not exactly sure how old Pancake is (we think he is probably about six), but I guess today we can officially say he is one year old.

One thought

  1. Paddy you certainly have a loving and funny way way to share your family with all of us. I always look forward to a new posting. Please keep this up.

    Big Momma

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