#1 Fan

This week, I have been staying at a hotel in Orlando.  No need to get worried there are no problems on the home front.  I have had a conference for work and been staying on site since Monday.

The weekend started out with my return to performing at The Flats.  Since Nolin has been born, I have not really played too much, so it was exciting and a bit nerve racking especially since I had been sick for a week leading up to the show.

The show turned out to be great.  I had a lot of friends that were able to make it out, the weather was perfect and my #1 fan was in attendance.  Nolin has always enjoyed it when I play guitar at home, but he thought this was just too cool.  Jenn turned his high chair around and he would just sit, stare and smile at me.  From that point on, I was playing for one person.

Shortly before Jenn & Nolin left to go home, my friend Greg (aka G-Ro) got up to play a couple acoustic rap songs with me.  It’s always fun to have Greg get up there with me and Saturday night was no exception.  This however was just too much for Nolin.  He couldn’t control himself and I felt sorry that he was confined to a high chair.

He was bouncing up and down dancing in his high chair and just squealing as we played.  It makes you feel really good, when your kid thinks your cool. It almost became difficult to play because he had become the entertainment.  I will always support Nolin in whatever hobbies he takes an interest in, but at this point I think music may be something he is drawn too, which is very exciting for me.

On Sunday Jenn, Nolin & Teresa joined me and we spent the day at the pool , headed out to dinner and then called it a night.  The pool had a huge waterfall & a slide and Nolin was a fan.  Well actually I think I was more of a fan of the slide, but since I was easily 25 years older than anyone else who was riding it, Nolin was my cover.  They even had a kiddie pool equipped with water fountains to which Nolin showed no fear as he went exploring all of them.  Yep, our son is all boy.

I have definitely missed everyone while I have been gone and will be excited to get back home tonight to spend time with the family before we leave for a mini-vacation to San Francisco tomorrow. It will be a long flight and while I am sure it will be great, I still fear this could be the bad trip.  In the end though, it wont matter too much because I’ll be travelling with my #1 fan.

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