What’s in a Word?

Lately there has been a big competition to see what Nolin’s first real words will be and I think I may be losing.

There was a brief time when Nolin would continually repeat dada, and I would tell Jenn it was because he knew who is favorite was.  He would look at me and say dada dada, but then for some reason, he would look at some birds and say dada or he even looked at a pile of dog poop and said dada.  So while I was excited that he was referring to me (hopefully not the poop), I knew it really didn’t mean anything.

Now flash forward about 6 weeks and Nolin has moved on from saying dada and now he is all in to mama.  He will just repeat it over and over as if just to taunt me.  But Jenn, don’t get too excited because I think he is associating mama with food.  Every time he wants to eat table food, sure enough mama comes out and sure enough mama heads over and feeds him (he’s got this game down to a science).

It even happened when Nolin and I were in the grocery store.  The woman at the deli gave me a slice of ham, and up pipes Nolin with mama. Then again he looks at me with big excited eyes and says mama which quickly drew some strange stares from the shoppers around us.  So I am not convinced that mama is truly his first word, but I have found it comforting that Jenn and her parents have really been pushing him to start saying dada again so that I don’t feel left out.

Then there was our walk when Nolin pointed to a tree and said chreese and then pointed to another tree and said chreese.  That’s it, his first word is Tree.  A few minutes later we got home and he pointed to Pancake and said chreese…well there goes that theory.  When Jenn & Nolin were at the airport he started saying bus and pointing at a bus driving by, which is funny because we haven’t really worked on that one at all.  Then bus came out for something else.

So I am not sure when you really know what their first word is, but I can only imagine that when it happens you just know.  At this point, I think Jenn has a better chance to win Nolin’s first word then me, but only time will tell.  The one word that he does seem to say to everything is yeah which is awesome because I think yeah pretty much somes up his personality to a “T”.

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