Happy Mum Mum’s Day

Sunday was Jenn’s chance to celebrate her first Mother’s Day, or as Nolin would say Mum Mum’s Day.

Last year’s mother’s day was bittersweet.  We had just recently found out that we had matched in our adoption process and were so excited that we would soon become parents, but Nolin had not yet been born.  As an adoptive parent, we understood that there was still a real possibility that our circumstances could change at any given point.  Thankfully they did not.

We started this morning off, by letting Jenn sleep in and Nolin and I made her a Mum Mum’s Day card.  We tried to trace Nolin’s hand on the card, but he wasn’t too into that, so we figured it was better not to give mom a wrinkled up card.  Maybe next year.

The rest of the day was spent going to Church, out to eat and hanging out as a family.  I spent a (very) long time putting a new bike seat on my bike, so that we could begin going on bike rides with Nolin.  By the time I had almost finished I found out that I was too late to get Nolin a helmet since the store was closed.  So I gave Jenn the best Mother’s Day gift she could every receive…I went on a 3 mile run (in the extreme heat) with her and Nolin and didn’t even complain.

Besides thanking Jenn for being a wonderful mother and partner, I also wanted to take a moment to thank the other important ladies in Nolin and I’s lives.  His Great Grandmother Nana who has always been a strong foundation for my family and will probably tell Nolin his first dirty joke.

His Grandma Karen who got to celebrate her first (grand) Mother’s Day.  My mom has always been a major support for me (and my #1 fan) and I can’t ever thank her enough for all that she has done for us.  I know that she is enjoying being a grandmother just as much as I am being a father.

And finally, Nolin’s Grandma Teresa.  As our highly underpaid nanny, she has been such a major help to us this year in raising Nolin.  Although I know she loves every minute of it, we can’t thank her enough for the sacrifices she has made to help our family.

This first mother’s day was a nice day, and I think Jenn and I both had a chance to reflect back on how grateful we are for everything we have been blessed with.  Jenn I hope that you had a fantastic first Mother’s Day and I am glad that I have 363 more days until I have to pretend to enjoy running again.

One thought

  1. Being a grandmother is the most special thing on this earth. I can’t wait to sit on the floor with Nolin to read, play or hug. We are all very lucky to have such a happy boy who came to have parents who have enjoyed every second they have had with him. We are also very lucky to have Teresa and Don who have loved Nolin with all their time and hearts.

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