Viva La France

Many people know that our adventure into parenthood started with an email from a friend asking if we would be interested in hosting an exchange student from France.  We thought it was just about crazy enough to be fun and about two weeks later we instantly became parents to a teenager.

It was an exciting year, and this past summer we were even more fortunate to be able to take our family adventures overseas and visit Axelle and meet her family for an amazing week in France.  It was an amazing trip and they were amazing hosts.

So when it came time for Christmas presents, I was trying to figure out how to capture the entire experience and thank them at the same time.  I sorted through the hundreds of pictures and uncovered some video I had forgotten about and put together a video for them to send with some other gifts.

Apparently international mail takes a very long time because they just received the package last week, but found out that they loved the video and have been showing it to all of their family and friends.  I can easily picture them all sitting around watching the video, singing along with the music and laughing (all over a glass of French wine of course).

Now that they have finally seen the video, I figured I could share it here.  Just as a side note if the music seems a little strange…they all love the Black Eyed Peas and Quelqu’un M’a Dit by Carla Bruni which was also the only French song I knew.

4 Thoughts

  1. Paddy
    They must be loving the video. You are so talented and so thoughtful. I am so proud of you. What great international relations.
    As an aside, tell Jenn I bought some marshmellow fluff(saw it in Farm Fresh) and peanut butter. Just waiting to be able to feed Nolin in March.
    Just a joke but I may slip in a few grandparent treats.

  2. Paddy,
    What a great gift, it’s just wonderful. you have turned out to be such a wonderful man, I too am very proud of you.
    Don’t ever stop doing the great adventures.
    love to you all

  3. We thank you again for the gifts and especially the video! You are very talented and we showed it to everybody (Polo, his wife teresa, Franck, my grand parents) they all said that you were a very good producer!! Thank you for the articles, we are always checking your new posts to know what’s going on !
    Miss and love you !

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