Round Two

In this corner weighing in at an impressive several thousand pounds…Lisa “The Crusher Loop” Sidewalk.

And in this corner weighing in at approximately 26 pounds…Nolin “The Power Package” O’Brien.

Sounds like a fair fight? Well not really and once again, Nolin didn’t fare to well in this classic childhood matchup.

Jenn had gotten ready to go out for our friend’s birthday that evening, so she was naturally in the front yard weeding the flower beds, and Nolin and I were kicking the soccer ball around the front yard.

Nolin is very good at keeping the ball on the sidewalk and if it ever goes towards the street, he will wait for either Jenn or I to retrieve it. So there has never really been a concern with him kicking the ball on the sidewalk.

I am not exactly sure how it happened as I watched this accident in slow motion. Nolin was bending down to pick up the ball and happened to kick it at the same time. In one motion he basically did a flip onto the sidewalk off his head. It was bad.

We ran inside to try to get ice on his eye, but he was not having it one bit. Not sure if it is because he didn’t understand what we were trying to do, or because he is tough as nails. Three minutes later, he was over it, and wanted to go back out to kick the soccer ball. Needless to say, this time we played in the back yard.

That night as I was putting him to bed, he lifted his head from my shoulder and I asked if he wanted to lay down in his big boy bed. He looked at me and said No, I’m sick.

This was alarming to say the least. I was positive that he must have a concussion, or some serious head trauma. I started asking him if it was his stomach or his head trying to figure out what I may be dealing with. He kept looking at me strangely and then finally crawled in his bed and went to sleep.

I found out the next morning, that Nolin had been watching an episode of Caillou that morning in which Caillou had been sick with the flu. Would have been nice to know prior to waking up several times to check on him, but crisis averted.

My sincere hope is that Nolin doesn’t decide to try to battle the sidewalk again, but if he does, who knows maybe third time’s a charm…probably not.

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