10,000 Steps

I think I need to start watching my back because I am afraid that Jenn may be trying to kill me. In the last 3.5 days I have gone completely meatless. Teresa would never let this happen.

Last night we had our first taste of meat…crock pot chicken. Unfortunately I had eaten too much salad before hand and only ate one drumstick (and it wasn’t even deep-fried in Colonel Sanders secret recipe).

Who am I? And what is happening to me? If I keep this up I am afraid that my hair may start growing out and I will have to dust off my birkenstocks and my cords. Nolin and Jenn love it because they could exist solely on fruit, vegetables and pasta. If I don’t start getting more meat in my diet, I could look like this…

And yes, we all now how scary that would be.

At the same time this vegetable revolution started, I also inadvertently began getting back into working out. Working out seems to come in phases for me…I get real into it for a few days and then I get real into Eddy’s ice cream.

Anyway, this past week, I have started getting myself in a routine where I am able to run everyday during lunch at work and I have to say it is not near as terrible as I know I could make it seem. As Nolin is getting more active, it is becoming more apparent that the only way that I can keep up is to get back in shape.

When we first met with Nolin’s birth mother, she told us that one of the things that drew her to us, was the fact the we loved outdoor activities. She informed us, that if Nolin’s behavior in utero was any indication, we would have an active child on our hands…and she couldn’t have been more on target.

So I told myself last weekend that if I want to be able to continue to keep up with my son, then I needed to find a way to get back in shape while not taking away from my time with him and Jenn. Had I informed Jenn about my plan, I am sure she would have gone easier on me with the vegetables.

Jenn and I also like to compete, so this week when she received a free pedometer from Walgreens I had to go out and get one too. Ten thousand steps. That is how many steps you are supposed to try and take in one day. Even with running, it is not that easy to do, but now I have a goal each day…take more steps then Jenn.

Thursday, Jenn and I had very different days. I was dealing with fallout from a technical release that didn’t go as planned, and she was dealing with fallout from a 2-year-old who wanted to play with trains instead of story time. To be honest, I probably had it easier. When I got home, all of those issues had passed and at a mere 6,500 steps for the day I had some catching up to do.

Enter Nolin.

While 10,000 steps may be difficult for me in a day, I am convinced he takes at least 20,000 a day. Shortly after I got home and it had stopped raining, Nolin wanted to take his soccer ball outside and play.

After kicking the soccer ball with Nolin on one trip to the park and three laps around our neighborhood I was well on my way to 10,000 steps. I always told our friends Cori, Lee and Kelly that I would never have a child that played soccer…guess I was wrong. I have to admit that I think Nolin is pretty darn good already and well, it may actually be fun. Guess it is time to start brushing up on my skills.

(on a side note, another cool thing about being a parent is discovering new activities.)

Hopefully in writing this (and if Nolin & Jenn have any say in the matter), I will continue to keep up with my good week of exercise. 30 days to make a habit. In what could be a metaphor for our lives…while Jenn and I may have had completely different days, at 8:26pm we looked down and found out we had arrived at exactly the same place as we both said goodnight to the inspiration that got us there.

For Nolin part of the fun in eating fruit is being able to pick it.

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