In Hiding

Nolin has loved to play hide and seek for a while now, but there is one problem…he’s really not that good at the hiding part.

So I thought it may be fun, to show some of Nolin’s excellent attempts at hiding from Jenn & I.

Blankets. Blankets are a full proof way to turn any location into the best hiding spot ever! What you may not realize though, is that a moving blanket in the middle of the room saying Come find me, doesn’t exactly test the prowess of the seeker.

Regardless it is still a lot of fun and always gets a hearty belly laugh from Nolin when he is found.

Since Nolin’s hiding spots aren’t quite up to par with a David Copperfield disappearing act, we have taken to announcing other locations that he may be hiding before we finally find him.

So now he started mimicking Jenn and I when we hide from him. You will see him spot you, get a big grin on his face and then immediately start calling out Is he behind the door? nope…Is he underneath the bed? nope…Is he in the light? hmmm nope…finally after exhausting all the places that you are clearly not, he will run over with a big hug and shout There you are!

The art of the perfect hiding spot isn’t a solo activity. Hiding spots are even cooler when they include Jenn or I. He will climb into your lap and throw a blanket over you and announce We’re Hiding! And heaven forbid you should make a noise because he will quickly remind you to Shhhh.

Dual hiding becomes quite a bit more challenging when there is no one else home to find you.  After a minute or so, you usually have to forfeit your primo hiding spot and simply announce that We found us!  

But Nolin doesn’t care, he still thinks this is fun and usually wants to hide again.

And where might he hide this time you ask?

The exact same place that you just found him. As I said earlier, he’s not really into testing the skill level of the seeker too much.

He also believes that if he simply covers his eyes, he becomes invisible and in this case any place can be a great hiding spot and you will obviously never find him.

The truth is for Nolin being found is a lot more fun than the actual hiding part anyway.

2 Thoughts

  1. Nora loves to play hide and seek too. After she hides we ask “where’s Nora?” and without fail every time she will say “I’m over here!!”. Love it!

    We can’t wait to see you all in a couple months!

    Take care

  2. Haha, sounds like it could be a competition for most easily found when you all are in town. Looking forward to seeing you all and hope you all have been enjoying the summer at the lake!

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