And The Magic Word Is…?

Today was a big day in our house…Nolin had his first day of school.

The adventure started last week as Jenn attended orientation and they gave us a packet of information as well as Nolin’s (aka our) first homework assignment. It would be due Monday morning when Nolin had his meet the teacher day.

I guess somethings never change because at 10:30pm on Sunday night Jenn & I started scrambling to figure out how we were going to get Nolin’s place mat designed for the following morning.

Luckily our air conditioning broke Sunday afternoon, well not really lucky since we live in Florida and it’s really hot, but anyway. This meant that I had to come home from the office Monday morning to wait for the A/C repairmen while Jenn and Nolin headed to school. This gave me enough time to find some pictures and print them off to use for Nolin’s place mat project. It also gave us an opportunity to realize that the assignments and projects are only going to get more difficult and stressful moving forward.

With about 90 seconds to spare before they had to leave…project 1 was successfully completed.

Working in the school system Jenn has seen the full spectrum of kids going to school and I have heard the stories. So we have been nervous that Nolin would be that kid that makes the teacher earn their money.

Despite our fears, Nolin had a great time at his meet the teacher day and was very excited about going to school. Jenn said that he was attentive and very interested in all the different areas of the classroom.

The moment arrived…Nolin was equipped with his Orange Triangle school bag and ready to go. Jenn walked him to his classroom…the Daisy room with Mrs. Fuentes (really? Who though that one up? Unfortunately, Jenn assured me it is not the former MTV VJ).

In order to prevent meltdowns, they don’t want the parents lingering around too long…not a problem because Jenn said he didn’t even really turn around to look at her, he just eagerly went to his new classroom and friends.

When Jenn arrived to pick him up and asked the teacher how he did she simply said He did fineWait, what?! That’s it? No update saying he was a lot to handle, or that in all of her years of teaching she has never met a better child in her life? Just he was fine…awesome, we’ll take it!

It is very weird to think that we are now sending Nolin to school two days a week…it all seems to be happening really fast. Well luckily for me, I get to take him and pick him up from school on Thursday…so here’s to hoping that it is another fine day!

Post First Day Update: I received a call from Jenn a few hours after school finished to tell me about his daily report card. They can circle different choices to let you know how your child was in class. Today Nolin was:
Happy, Friendly, Kind, Busy & Talkative

I don’t know if I could pick 5 better words.

There was also a personal note on the side which I imagine every kid did not receive. It just let us know that today Nolin did try to steal another kid’s Goldfish…Damn those evil Flavor Blasted Cheddar temptresses.

When I got home from work and we were playing, Nolin also informed me of something else he learned today. Apparently there is a magic word, and that magic word is Quiet…yep, Talkative certainly does describe Nolin.

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