The Story of The Other Honey Boo Boo Child

Friday night started off with a Bang…literally.

The result? A massive head injury to Jenn. And by massive head injury I mean a knot on her forehead and a small cut.

It all started as we prepared for the long holiday weekend. I was feeding Nolin and Jenn decided to go out for a quick run around the neighborhood. Since Cori & Andrew were coming over later, I gave Nolin a spoon and let him have at the yogurt & blueberries course while I continued to clean the house.

Then the phone rang. I hit a tree. I instantly envisioned Jenn’s car totaled. And my head is bleeding. And now things just got significantly worse.

Wait…What?! As I quickly came back to reality and realized that Jenn was running and didn’t have a car with her, I was slightly confused. I ran into a tree, and now I am picturing a gory head wound with a stick lodged in her forehead and a trip to the emergency room. I told her I would be there to pick her up in 2 minutes.

I quickly grabbed Nolin from his high chair and tried to wipe yogurt from his face. I basically took the yogurt around his mouth and smeared it all of over his face so that he slightly resembled the Heath Ledger version of the Joker. Oh well, we have to rescue mommy, so no time to worry about a fashion show. Plus if he gets hungry on the car ride over…dinner’s served!

With Nolin in one arm, and hydrogen peroxide in the other (if it was a gory head wound I’m not sure what I was hoping to accomplish with paper towels and hydrogen peroxide, but it made sense at the time) we took off.

As we got into the car, Nolin asked Where are we going?

To get Mommy because she’s hurt.

Mommy has a boo boo? Is she sad?

She may be sad I responded, but I am sure she will be fine.

She’s probably sad because she wasn’t playing trains.

Well at this point I am thinking you may be right because if she had been playing trains she never would have had to play chicken with a quick, nimble and aggressive oak tree.

We met up with Jenn as she came out of the woods. She quietly asked how it looked and if she would need stitches. I told her I didn’t think so, but we would need to get it cleaned up first. And then Nolin took over.

Mommy are you ok? Don’t be sad. Did you get a boo boo?

After we got home and cleaned up the cut, Jenn was able to laugh about her run in (no pun intended…well actually) with the tree. Although we could laugh about it, Nolin was still very concerned about Jenn’s Boo Boo. So he greeted her as she came down the stairs and walked over and gave her a big hug.

As he stood there hugging her, he said It’s ok Mommy, it’s just a boo boo, and gave her a kiss.

Jenn was sort of taken back with Nolin’s natural reassuring and comforting gestures and then he said see, now you’re happy! and took off with a huge smile on his face.

And so goes the incredibly true story of the other Honey Boo Boo Child.

Nolin making sure there are no more run ins with trees

*PS – No trees were harmed in the making of this story.

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