A Day of Thanks

Today is day with to spend with family and give thanks. This year I feel like we have even more to be thankful for because our family is now complete (at least I think it is).

Being back home with my family this week has allowed me to reflect even more on all of the things I am thankful for. Somewhere I must have picked up a bunch of good Karma because I am not sure if I deserve all of the gifts I have been given, but I will take them.

This past week when we were home, my aunt and uncle put together a luncheon to allow our friends and family a chance to meet Grace.

Nancy & Kevin I can’t thank you enough…it was perfect.

It is always difficult to come home because there is never enough time to see everyone, but this time we were able to see so many people all at once.

I don’t think I can thank my family and friends enough for setting this event up and coming to visit.

For now I will take time to spend with my family and let the pictures of our trip so far tell the story. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

One thought

  1. Well it was such a great thanksgiving gift to see all of you and meet precious Grace! I live all the photos and so appreciate you posting some from the shower ! I am blessed to be able to share all the great moments! Luv u all!

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