The Secret Is Revealed

heart earsEvery magician knows that you can’t reveal your tricks, but some are just too good not to share. Thankfully Grace decided to show Nolin and I her brand new move…the roll.

It seems she enjoys rolling much more in the morning than in the evening, but it also seems that she loves a bit of encouragement. She is quickly taking after her big brother in the fact that she enjoys putting on a show.

Jenn set her down on the floor and then Nolin got right down beside her and started to encourage her to roll over. He even moved over to the side and put his arms out in an attempt to catch her when she rolled over.

She did rollover, and now she wont stop. She will often laugh as soon as she rolls over. Hopefully soon, she will master the art of rolling from her stomach to her back, and then we will have to watch out.

We will have Nolin running around the house climbing on things and Grace rolling all over the floor trying to take our feet out. Yep, just another day in the life…

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