WhosDaddyI was traveling once again for work and away from home for four days. Apparently that is enough time for your child to get a slightly misconstrued perception of you.

Jenn could not wait to tell me about all the things that had happened while I was out of town…well really only one thing. It seems that one day Jenn was watching TV and Nolin walked downstairs so she paused the TV. Nolin looked up at the screen and shouted Look it’s Daddy!

modernfamily_camsensitive_hdNo, it wasn’t Brad Pitt. It was Cam from Modern Family.

Yep, I didn’t see that one coming.

But Jenn thought it was hysterical.

Apparently it was even funnier because right after that a girl walked across the screen in a profile shot and he said Look it’s Mommy. As the girl turned around, he immediately recognized his mistake…No that’s not Mommy.

But for some reason, he never corrected himself about me looking like Cam.


Well luckily I don’t think I am going to be traveling as much this year which should help ease the confusion. Besides it is hard not loving to travel when you are greeted with as much excitement and joy as I received after this last four-day adventure…