Growing Up & Settling In

IMG_20130408_194843You have two kids, two houses and have been working for the same company for over 9 years…face it you’re an adult.

As one of my co-workers casually explained when I commented on getting older, but still feeling like I really wasn’t an adult yet. Now that I am officially closer to 40 than 30, I guess I am an adult, but I just don’t feel that old (if Jenn wouldn’t cringe at my poor fashion sense, I would still be rockin Vans).

IMG_20130408_194553Regardless this birthday, was a great one. It was low-key, as we just had our friends Cori (who is one of a few friends that I have that share my birthday) and Andrew over and spent time with the kids…OK, so maybe I am older than I want to admit.

But I am not the only one growing up. Grace has decided that she is done with just sitting around, and has started doing the scoot. By this weekend, I am pretty sure she will be in full crawl mode. Right now she almost picks herself up completely when she starts moving, but one thing is for certain, she doesn’t seem to have any intentions of wanting to sit still.

Lord help us.

I told Jenn, our only saving grace (no pun intended) may be in the fact that Grace appears to try to crawl out of necessity (either to grab toy or get out of the way of running 2 & 1/2 year old) instead of Nolin, who just needs to move…quickly.

She is also getting ready to add an accessory to her already beautiful smile with two teeth coming in on the bottom. I am taking her to her six month appointment tomorrow, so we will discover exactly how much more she has been developing.

IMG_20130408_203242After three failed and emotionally draining potty training attempts, it seems that Nolin decided he was ready. On Wednesday he started telling Jenn he had to go potty, and he did successfully four times. This has kept up the rest of the week with minimal accidents.

The funny thing is that we tried to encourage the behavior with M&M rewards (not a huge incentive to a kid who doesn’t really like candy) and iPad time and that didn’t work. What did work is an old-fashioned sticker chart and an excitement to flush the toilet.

2013-04-07 11.47.03In an attempt to buck the system, Nolin did start filling his potty with tap water. Once we caught on he has since stopped, but I have to give him points for creativity.

Sunday & Monday,we moved up to the big leagues when it comes to potty training, when it was no longer just peeing. I am pretty sure he gets it now and we are very excited for him. Like all of his milestone achievements, when he was ready he just went with the flow (ok, this time pun intended).

2013-04-06 15.50.32To reward his achievements, Nolin & I had a daddy/Nolin day at Seaworld on Saturday. With a determined personality, Nolin can be challenging at times and events like this (while fun) can be exhausting. I told Jenn, that you would be hard pressed to have found a better behaved child in the park that afternoon.

We were there for about five hours, and we could have stayed for another five hours. He was an absolute delight and was just excited to get to see the animals, although I guess I never found the eel that Pap Pap showed him.  Regardless it was a great bonding day.

We’ve been going non stop now for what seems like an eternity, but we have finally started being able to settle into our new house, enjoy it and I guess settle into this new phase in life…being a grown up.2013-04-05 17.23.18

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