The Best Week Ever (pt. 2): There’s Always One

PicsPlay_1369952289957As Nolin is getting older we are just beginning to approach the next phase of parenthood…school plays, sporting events, etc. It offers the opportunity to experience extreme enjoyment watching your child achieve something and also great anxiety as they find their way.

Thursday the 23rd, was the last day of Nolin’s first year in school. Again, I can’t describe what a great experience this has been watching all of the kids in Nolin’s class grow up over the year. There have been numerous art projects, hilarious daily update letters from his teachers, and tons of new songs to add to Nolin’s repertoire.

DSC00110To cap off the end of the school year, Nolin’s school put on a performance in the main auditorium. For his part, they brought all the two year old classes onto stage to sing a few songs they had been working on.


There is always one…

The one kid that doesn’t do what he’s supposed to, that makes you laugh and at the same time makes you look around to see who’s kid it is. Yeah, that was our son. But I can say at least he didn’t have his finger up his nose for the entire performance.

photo (4)You know the teachers are on high alert when they are planted directly behind your child for the entire performance. Needless to say his teacher had her hands full.

It was a nice ending to a great year. While Nolin performed his songs much better in person than on stage, I have to say that I was a proud parent as I watched him up there…

yep that’s our son!

Nolin "proudly" showing off his Easter Lilly Painting at his school art show.
Nolin “proudly” showing off his Easter Lilly Painting at his school art show.
Nolin's birthday celebration
Nolin’s birthday celebration
Nolin's Chalk Board Self Portrait
Nolin’s Chalk Board Self Portrait

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