The Best Week Ever (pt.3): The Proposal

970961_10200585421872510_1069817823_nMy parent’s and sister arrived a few hours after Nolin’s school performance. This would be the beginning of an event packed Memorial Day Weekend for our family.

Friday morning we went to Winter Park to walk around and then eat lunch, but we had a hard deadline to be back at our house by 2:30 pm. My brother had created an elaborate scheme to ask his girlfriend Valentina to marry him at her school in front of her class and in front of us via Facetime.

At one point there was going to be a fire alarm involved and I could only imagine that this had potential to go horribly wrong all while we sat in amazement watching via computer screen.

We got everything set up, but unfortunately the connection kept freezing a lot, so we could only make out portions of the exchange. That didn’t stop my mom from crying the entire time. As he was asking the kids if they could do anything in the world right now (Stop the sun from exploding, jump off a cliff and stop global warming were a few of the answers) he came over to Nolin and asked him. Nolin simply replied…I want Uncle Happy to be happy! 

Perfect segway into the proposal. Only problem the camera froze right after that. Next thing we saw was a lot of commotion and screaming. I hope she didn’t run away was all my mom could say.

But alas everything turned out great and we are very excited to welcome Valentina into our family.

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