Grace’s Baptism

DSC_0678We were still enjoying the excitement of my brother’s engagement on Saturday as we started to get ready for the main reason my family came into town…Grace’s baptism.

As is typical with two kids, planning isn’t always easy and we found ourselves running around trying to get everyone ready and out the door. My suit was pressed, tie was the correct length, I had other clothes to change into for my show immediately following, but one thing was missing.

DSC_0619Where are my shoes? I have one pair of black shoes and they weren’t anywhere. I ran through the house looking for them while trying to pull pants and a shirt on Nolin. Then my sister informed me that they were out in the garage behind the power washer.

WIth a strange glance, I asked her how she knew where they were. I had to assume, that just like when I placed them there it must have made complete sense to her that this was a much better place to keep your shoes than the three shoe racks we have.

She said she couldn’t take all of the credit. Earlier in the day Teresa pulled Erin aside and said Patrick is going to be frantically looking for these later, so now someone knows where they are. Awesome that I’m not predictable or anything.

DSC_0687We made it to Church in plenty of time and no one was missing any clothes. Although Grace would be center stage for this performance, she played it cool and simply smiled. This was a little different from Nolin who repeatedly growled during his baptism.

Something else happened though. Nolin who is completely unable to sit through more than 15 minutes of Church sat attentive and well mannered. It was a miracle. Apparently my sister gave him two options: sitting on her lap or in the pew on his bottom.

He chose the pew and we all decided that Nolin would be spending more time with his Aunt Elo.

DSC_0694After the service and some family photos. I quickly ran out to my car, pulled a superman and changed from suit and tie to shorts and a T-shirt as I was playing at our town center later that night.

Another plus of my family coming into town is that they were able to actually see me play which they have not been able to do in a long time.

It was a fun show and a great opportunity to celebrate with our friends and family. I have to thank all of our friends and family for making the day special and Grace’s God Parents Cori and Lee…we were very blessed to have you all share this moment with us.








One thought

  1. Patrick & Jenn: I totally cried at the viewing of Grace’s baptism! So gorgeous & such a beautiful family — what a very special time for all of you! God bless you all.

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