I’ve Been In Love With Love

It has been forever since I have been able to write an update. Part of it has been intentional as we took some time for a few family get aways and then part of it has just been life taking over.

At the end of June we decided to take Grace on her biggest trip to date. Since it was in part a work trip for me, we decided to have Nolin spend a week with Grammy & Pap Pap in Pennsylvania while Grace & Jenn and (occasionally) me got to explore one of Jenn’s favorite cities…San Francisco.

IMG_20130622_074838The orchestration was pretty intense as we have never spent an overnight without Nolin nor had to travel to do so. So we woke up to get Jenn & Nolin on a 7am flight to Pennsylvania and then Grace and I flew to San Francisco a few hours later.

Once Jenn & Nolin landed in Pennsylvania, they met up with Grammy & Pap Pap and Nolin was very excited. He didn’t quite get that Jenn was not coming with them, but he didn’t mind. A little later Jenn got on her next flight from Pennsylvania to California.

DSC_0816By the time she arrived at the hotel, it had been almost 20 hours since she left…longest flight to California ever.

We met some great and interesting people on our trip (which I will write about in more detail later), and it was great to be able to spend some individual time with Grace. On this trip she began really getting into waving at everyone and saying bye.

IMG_20130704_141417Prior to the trip, Grace had a bit of stranger danger. After we got to the hotel the two of us went exploring and Grace would not let go of my neck. This would continue for both Jenn and I for about a day, but by mid trip she was all about hanging out with anyone. It was very cool to see her come out of her shell. Something else that changed…her schedule.

From the beginning Grace kind of established her own schedule. Needless to say with the time change, the events and the whole trip…that all ended.

IMG_0156Meanwhile on the other side of the country Nolin eased right into Pennsylvania living. We would call every day, but he had little concern that we were not there because Pap Pap was.

But when Nolin arrived at the airport to pick us up and saw us, his eyes lit up and a huge smile came over his face and of course he told us about everything that he and Pap Pap had done while we were gone. Apparently he had also forgotten about Grammy.

But for now here are pictures from an amazing trip to California…

A sleeping lady in front of the painted ladies
A sleeping lady in front of the painted ladies
Getting ready to walk the Golden Gate Bridge
At Gold Gate Park we accidentally walked into a Ed Sheeran concert
At Golden Gate Park Children's Park
At Golden Gate Park Children’s Park


Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park
Heading to the waterfall
Heading to the waterfall
Big Sur
Big Sur


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