3,391: Tide Pools & Finnbar

If I had to ask what sounds like a party to you, you would probably say driving from Pennsylvania through New York City to Massachusetts on July 4th weekend. I know this, because as we piled into the car again, it sounded like an awesome party to me.

Scituate would be our final mini-stop before we landed in New Hampshire for two weeks. The trip was long, but not terrible. Although I was stressed (I hate driving in traffic and really hate driving over bridges especially when I don’t know where I am going), it was pretty cool to drive through New York city. The kids loved seeing the Statue of Liberty.

After what seemed like a very long trip, we made it Jenn’s cousin’s house in time for dinner.

We were greeted by Jenn’s cousin and her children (who are now basically mini adults) as well as Wendell & Finnbar…their dogs.

Nolin was immediately enamored with Finnbar as was Finnbar with Nolin. During most of our stay these two would be inseparable. Each on a quest to wear the other out. Each unable to admit when they were exhausted.
Scituate is where we would see some of the most amazing sunsets and discover the non-stop enjoyment of tide pools (seriously my kids could have spent four or five hours ever day exploring the tide pools).

We would find Massachusetts hard to leave because it was such a great comfortable place to spend time with family.

We spent our first morning on the boat. We had a chance to cruise around for some sight seeing and do a little fishing. Nolin was first up. About 30 seconds after he dropped his line he caught a fish.

In true Nolin fashion though, he asked if we could put the fish back before we left. Technically it was not a keeper anyway, but he wanted to make sure that the fish didn’t get separated from its family.

We followed the boat trip with lunch at the pool. I was the parent nominated to swim in the pool with the kids…if you have ever lived in Florida and spent time in Massachusetts, you will know that there is really no time during the year that the water in Massachusetts is warm enough to swim in.

Nolin didn’t stay in long, and after warming up in the sun, opted for a huge ice cream. Since Grace had recently discovered the fun in going underwater, she had no desire to get out…Lucky me.

On the 3rd of July we went to a BBQ with Jenn’s other cousin and his family. There were more dogs, but this time there were also birds and chickens. The dinner was great, but the kids were mostly interested in the new toys, new playmate and animals and would have been happy staying all night, but we eventually had to make our way to the fireworks show.

This is how the local show was explained to us…the town doesn’t put on a fireworks show because there are several locals with money, who put on their own.

The only issue with that…not a lot of regulation. This basically means that there are a couple of spots on the beach where families drinking beer are setting off professional grade fireworks while everyone sits around them a few feet away. It was pretty cool, but as you sit looking directly over your head at fireworks burning out a few feet above you, you realize that this is probably not incredibly safe.

On the actual 4th of July we went to the club that Jenn’s cousin belongs too. Honestly this was the picture perfect Norman Rockwell type of 4th of July that you imagine. There were all kinds of games and entertainment for the kids and great food. I am not sure we have ever really done an organized 4th of July as a family before. This event was perfect. I think we were one of the last people to leave and we still got home in time to see more fireworks.

20160702_202646It was an incredibly relaxing portion to our trip and it makes you appreciate how amazing it is up North during the summers. The next day we would be packing up to continue our trip to New Hampshire.

We would say goodbye to everyone, and Nolin would have to say goodbye to his best friend Finnbar. They spent their last remaining time together again trying to see who would tire who out first. Not sure who eventually won, but it was another reminder that at some point in the future I am afraid we will be adding a four legged member to our family…
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