I Want To Be Young With You

Seven years ago, the world was introduced to Mr. John The Adventureman (aka Nolin). On that day, I like to believe that the days got a little brighter, the laughter got a little louder, and everyone got a little nicer.

Nolin, if I am being honest, then I have to say, that not every day is easy, but there is not one day, that your mom and I don’t go to bed in complete amazement and pride at something you have done that day. You make us laugh, and you make us smile.

You take both of us out of our comfort zone because there is not a person (or an animal or insect) you meet that you don’t see as a best friend, there is not a side trail you pass that you doesn’t hold the opportunity for great adventure, and there is not a noise that you hear that doesn’t have the potential to be a great melody.

Please, please, please do not ever lose this appreciation and enjoyment for life. When they say stop and smell the roses, you literally stop and smell the roses. I have told your mom several times, that I would love to see the world through your eyes; even if only for an hour. Because I think at that moment, that I would truly appreciate how magnificent it all actually is.

You are amazingly special, and even though you are seven and growing up way too fast, I still just want to be young with you.

I love you more than you will ever know and wish you the very happiest of birthdays!


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